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Selina Fenech Fairies and Fantasy
Online Store

The official main retail store and fairy and fantasy art website of Selina Fenech Fairies and Fantasy, featuring all of Selinas artworks and giftline for retail sale, information about Selina and her artwork, free gifts and crafts, and more. All of Selinas fairy, mermaid, goddess, unicorn, dragon, myth and fairytale artworks can be found here in the galleries, as well as information about Selina and how she paints. There are free gifts and more, as well as the full merchandise range of keyrings, bookmarks, art prints, magnets, tote bags, incense bags, mouse pads, jewellery, calendars, stickers and more!

Fairy, Fantasy and Mythic Art
Prints and Gifts Store

Fairies and Fantasy Art Online Print and Gift Shop

Fairies and Fantasy is a fantasy art publishing business run by Selina Fenech for her own art range plus many other of the best fairy and fantasy artists from across the world. Retail and wholesale available.
Artists include Selina Fenech, Jessica Galbreth, Jasmine Becket-Griffith, Michele-lee Phelan and Margaret Dean.

Age of Enchantment- Jessica Galbreths Enchanted Art

Age of Enchantment- The Official Australian Range for Jessica Galbreths Enchanted Art

A range of art prints and merchandise manufactured in Australia for Enchanted Art LLC, as the Official Australian Range of Jessica Galbreths's internationally renowned dark faery and fantasy artworks.

The Australian Fantasy Art Enclaves
Gallery and Community


The Australian Fantasy Art Enclave was founded by Selina Fenech to help gain recognition and exposure for the fantasy artists of Australia, and create a community in which the artists could grow and share their work and love for the genre. Lists of artists resources, as well as links to all artists personal websites, and a great artists forum.

Wholesale Catalogue
for Stores and Resellers

Selinas line of artwork prints and gift items for wholesale sale to retailers and resellers. These unique and stunning product lines add magic to any store!

Also features the official Australian range for Jessica Galbreths Enchanted Art and the Spellbound Greetings card range are now also found at the SFFF wholesale store, for easy ordering across all ranges!

Selina Fenech's
Online Portfolio


For those interested in seeing a collection of Selina's artworks in a gallery website designed specifically for easy artwork viewing. A good quick reference point for companies or publichers interested in licensing Selina's fairy and fantasy artworks.

The online portfolio also has information about Selina's qualifications, achievements and her business history.

Selina Fenech Fairies and Fantasy is a realm created by the artist Selina Fenech, featuring her original artworks, creations, products and businesses of fairy and fantasy theme. On this page you will see links to various other websites of Selina's, each created for a particular aspect of her artworks, or business, or for the general fairy arts community. Throughout these websites you will find artworks and galleries of fairy, faery, mermaid, fantasy, goddess, dragon, pagan, whimsical, unicorn and faerie art and gifts for all kinds such as bookmarks, greeting cards, art prints, keyrings, magnets, mouse pads, bags, jewellery and inspirational messages for Australian, US and International customers, retail and wholesale.

Come and enter this realm of magic!

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