About Selina Fenech Fairies and Fantasy

Selina Fenech was born in Australia in 1981 and has always had a great passion for art. Goddesses, fae and nature spirits started showing up in her artwork from a very early age, and she has always had a great love and appreciation of the magic of nature. While she always loved to draw, she didn't know she wanted to, or could, be an artist professionally for quite some time. When she was sixteen years old she placed a few of her artworks in an online gallery and was amazed when fan mail and print and commission requests started coming in. Always wanting to please, Selina began taking commissions and producing fine art prints of her work, and her art career has grown steadily since then, seeing publication in books and magazines worldwide and a range of licensed merchandise.

Selina takes great pride in her artwork and her business, and is always pursuing improvement! A one woman show most of the time, some believe she gets a little help from the fairies, or that perhaps she is a fairy herself!

Selina Fenech Fairies and Fantasy has been a registered business since 2002 with merchandise being produced and marketed worldwide.

What people are saying about Selina's artworks and products-

"Hi Selina, I receive my order today. WOW, that was fast shipping. The prints are absolutely gorgeous. You are very talented. Thanks again." Mystic Realm

"I just recently purchased some of your products. I have to say that they are wonderful. Your products didn't even make it out of the box, my girlfriends were there and they have purchased a lot of it already. Needless to say that I will have to reorder a few more bits and pieces, I only asked them for their comments and they were just so impressed.
LOVED..the oracle cards. The presentation on all your products are….i can’t think of the word but it is like they are done with pure love…if you get what I mean."
Demand Beauty

"I ordered some of your art prints about a month ago to sell at a vendor table at the San Jacinto Gaming conference in Pasadena, Texas. I just thought that you would like to know that your work was the most noticed. I sold more of your art than anyone else. I knew, when I saw your work, that I loved it and I am very glad that I wasn't the only one. We will be displaying your work at Apollo Con in two weeks. This is a conference for Fantasy Artists to display their original work and be judged. We had not intended to take the art prints but the organizers were at San Con and requested that we bring them. I think that speaks volumes." Whimsical Whatnots

"Your beautiful work is flying off the shelves!" WingThing

"I love a bunch of your new pieces, so when I am moved and settled in I would like to order some more prints for myself!" Amy Brown

"What can I say?! Your wonderful talent, your magnificent work of art moves my soul! It is as if the "characters" in your drawings silently speak to us! There is just so much feeling oozing out of them - I can stare at them for hours on end and feel I am in a trance!" Tracy Z

"I received my package from you yesterday and was very pleased with every single piece I received. Your artwork is magnificent and high quality. I appreciate your wonderful customer service too." Alyce

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